New vs Pre-Owned

Did you know that it takes an average of four years for a vehicle to lose half its value? That’s the danger of buying a new car. Not only do they cost more, but as its first owner, you absorb a large amount of its depreciation, which is important to consider if you choose to sell it later.

You could opt to lease a new car instead, but when compared to a used vehicle of the same make and model, you will always be forced to pay more.

That’s why at Most Wanted Cars, we specialize in one-owner off-lease vehicles as they tend to be well-maintained and thoroughly inspected. When combined with our in-house processes, we can provide you with certified pre-owned vehicles that look and feel brand new.

The one disadvantage of a pre-owned certified car is it may not have the most current and trendy features. However, vehicles made within the last three years likely have most of the features that the majority of updated models do have. Plus, if you consider that used cars are generally cheaper to insure, register and finance or purchase, the extra 20-50 percent in price might not justify getting it new instead.

So, let us know if you’re looking to buy a new car without having to pay the new car price. Our staff is dedicated to helping you get the car you want most.

Our Buying Strategy (The MWC Promise)

Raj Nakra, the president & CEO of Most Wanted Cars, has been in the automotive industry for 30+ years. He teams up with a group of buyers to buy the best-valued products for Most Wanted Cars.

Each vehicle is carefully selected to ensure that it is certified, off-lease, accident-free, Canadian vehicles. This is primarily what we focus on, and the reason is the simple fact that they are dealer-owned and dealer-maintained.

Off-leases tend to be great options and the smartest buying strategy. This is because it allows someone else to take the initial depreciation expense. Meanwhile, you get a vehicle that was loved and cared for with OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts and serviced by a certified trained technician.

You’ll be getting a vehicle that looks and feels like new for the most affordable price, which is also typically still covered under warranty.

With our 85+ point inspection process, we ensure that all vehicles sold are safety-certified.

When It's Time To Upgrade

Don’t wait for your car to break down before you replace it. If you’re experiencing anything listed below, then it may be time to upgrade your vehicle.

1. You find yourself pumping gas more frequently than you used to
Cars tend to become less fuel-efficient over time. If you find that you’re fueling up significantly more than you used to every month, it may be time to get something more fuel-efficient.

2. The cost of maintenance is more than the cost of purchasing another car
Some will say it’s when maintenance is more than the cost of purchasing another vehicle, while others believe it’s when maintenance costs are half the cost of purchasing another vehicle. We’ll leave this one up to you, as there is no right or wrong answer here. The main point here is to consider whether the cost of maintenance is worth keeping the same vehicle.

3. The number of issues with the vehicle keeps increasing
When multiple issues keep arising with your car, it may be a sign that your vehicle is near the end of its life. It had a good run, but it may be time to let your darling go.

4. You need more or less space
Our personal stages of life can also determine whether we upgrade our cars or not. If you’re starting a family, for example, a two-door sedan may not have the space you need.

5. The weather is impacting your car more than it should.
If you find that your car takes a long time to start and warm up in the winter, or is prone to overheating quicker in the summer, it may be time for an upgrade.

6. Your vehicle still has a high trade-in value
Vehicles are depreciating assets, so if you’re already thinking about getting a new car, there’s likely a greater financial benefit for you to trade it in sooner rather than later. The higher trade-in value will help reduce the cost of upgrading.

7. Parts are harder to find
This all depends on how old your vehicle is, but generally speaking, the older the vehicle, the more challenging it gets to source its parts.

Make the next car you buy a worthwhile investment. Many new vehicles are built to last longer than their older versions. The benefits of upgrading sooner are far greater than waiting for your car to decide for you.

What You Need To Get Approved

So you picked out the car you want, you’ve already taken it on a test drive, and you’re ready to start the loan approval process. To do so, you will need the following documents:
  • Driver’s license;
  • Proof of insurance;
  • Proof of income and employment; and
  • Vehicle documents if doing a trade-in
Beacon Score Chart
If you don’t have any credit history, you will want to bring in proof of paid bills, employment history, and bank statements to show the bank that you’ve been responsible for your finances.

Here at Most Wanted Cars, we help clients of all credit histories secure approval and funding for their vehicles. So while your credit score isn’t as important, you should know that a higher credit score will lead to more favourable terms. But don’t let that discourage you! Talk to our team, and let’s see what we can do for you.


As a family-owned and operated dealership with over 35 years of experience, Most Wanted Cars constantly carries more than 100 vehicles in our inventory. We have what you’re looking for, and if we don’t, we can help you find it.

We prioritize client care in all aspects of our business, which isn’t common to see in the car sales industry. This is why we specialize in Canadian, one-owner, off-lease certified vehicles as they provide you with the best value for your hard-earned money.

We strive to treat you how we would want to be treated. That is why for the lifetime of your new vehicle, we can provide parts at dealer costs for all of our clients.

And what’s hard work without a little bit of recognition? We were recognized as the “Dealer of the Year: Province Winner 2021” by DealerRater, “Top Rated Dealer 2021” by CarGuru, and we have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

All in all, we care about our clients, and they have shown their appreciation for us through our 4.6-star ratings on Google and 4.9-star ratings on DealerRater. You want to go to a dealer you can trust. Allow us to show you how easily you can trust us, and we’ll give you the satisfaction you are hoping for.